A Letter to Candidates

Welcome to A Career in Education-ACP. We look for to working with you throughout your certification process. With hard work and determination you will be part of the education component, helping to facilitate the learning experience of the children of San Antonio and the State of Texas. This course is designed specifically to provide you with the understanding of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, Designing Instruction and Assessment to Promote Student Learning, Creating a Positive Productive Classroom Environment, Implementing Effective Responsive Instruction and Assessment and Fulfilling Profession Roles and Responsibilities. Every child or teacher in the State of Texas must have a basic understanding of the content of TEKS in order to be successful in the classroom. Therefore, it is imperative that Texas teachers understand the principles associated with the TEKS, as well as, have an understanding of how to implement the TEKS into their instruction. In addition, you will learn the fundamentals of classroom management, personal skills, and responsibilities. Without a properly managed classroom, your students will not be engaged in the learning process. The key to success is to ensure all students are actively participating. In order to achieve success, you must first understand that all students have the potential to be successful. Your job as a teacher is to find and expand that potential. This can only be done by understanding the prior knowledge of each of your students. As each child’s experiences are different, so too are their learning styles. As an educator you must facilitate your teaching style to be conducive with tactual, kinesthetic, auditory and visual learners. We look forward to working with you during your experience with A Career in Education-ACP.